Contact the Developer

If you’re encountering a problem, have a question, or would like to suggest an improvement, please let me know using one of the methods below:

  • Start a thread in this plugin’s support page
  • Contact the developer directly from the plugin’s dashboard (Report a Problem tab)
  • Contact the developer directly using the form at the bottom of this page

Please note I have several WordPress plugins, and other projects, live at any given time. I generally provide support on a first-come, first-served basis, with exceptions for critical plugin bugs.  I will usually respond within forty-eight hours. However, if I have a lot of queued support requests, it can take up to several weeks.


If you’ve encountered a plugin bug, please check the Support Request Notes first.  This plugin is very complex, and tracking down problems often requires a lot of information.  The Support Request Notes are available on the plugin’s dashboard (Report a Problem tab).  The notes offer solutions to common problems and should those solutions not work, details the preliminary information I’ll need to investigate the problem.  Checking these Support Request Notes, and providing me with as much of the information asked for as possible, will greatly expedite the support process.