Using Ad Blocking Detector For the First Time

Step 1:  Install Activate Ad Blocking Detector

  1. Open your WordPress website.
  2. Login to your admin dashboard.
  3. Go to the Plugins section of the menu, and click “Add New.”
  4. In the search box at the top right, type “ad blocking detector,” then hit your Enter key.
  5. Ad Blocking Detector should be the top result.  Install Ad Blocking Detector by John Morris.
  6. Click the “Activate Plugin” link once installation is complete.


Step 2:  Visit the Ad Blocking Detector Dashboard

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  1. Click the new “Ad Blocking Detector” entry of your WordPress admin dashboard.


Step 3:  Follow the Instructions to Activate the Block List Countermeasure Plugin

Note:  If your server and WordPress installation do not allow file and directory manipulation in your site’s “wp-content/wp-plugins” directory, the process below is much more involved.  For the majority of users, this step should work without issue as described below.  A small subset of users may need to tweak server settings, or do the manual alternative of this step.  If this step fails or doesn’t resemble the below description, you can skip it for now; however, some ad blockers will break this plugin until it is completed.

  1. Go to the “Advanced Settings” tab.
  2. The Block List Countermeasure Plugin should have been created automatically when you activated Ad Blocking Detector.
    1. This section will verify this countermeasure plugin’s existence.  If it does not already exist, click the “Automatically Install Plugin” button.
  3. Once the Block List Countermeasure Plugin is created, go to your Installed Plugins listing in the WordPress admin dashboard menu.
  4. Underneath the activated Ad Blocking Detector plugin, should be another list entry entitled “Ad Blocking Detector – Block List Countermeasure.”  Activate this additional plugin.
  5. Once activation is complete, return to the Advanced Settings tab of the Ad Blocking Detector dashboard and verify this countermeasure plugin is active and functioning using the checklist.


Step 4:  Create Your First Alternative Content Shortcode

  1. Go to the “Add New Shortcode” tab.
  2. Fill out the fields with the following data:
    1. Name/Description:  


  1. am getting this error message after step 3

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function deactivate_plugins() in /home/commander68/public_html/wp-content/plugins/alarmed-drop/ad-blocking-detector-block-list-countermeasure.php on line 80


  2. Hi, Your script may not work best inside cached pages. If we are using cache system (plugin, CDN, cloudflare, etc),


    1. I am aware of problems with certain performance improvement mechanisms. JavaScript minification, combining into one file, file renaming, and asynchronous loading are all potential problem points, for example. Caching alone shouldn’t be a problem (if it is, specific plugin or service names and configuration information would be helpful). Unfortunately, caching is often combined with those problematic tweaks as well. The file renaming is particularly common.

      The problem is that this plugin must have it’s JavaScript spread across multiple files, certain files must be named and structured sufficiently to trick ad blockers, and the loading order is crucial. Web browsers do not announce that ad blockers exist, I can only look for evidence of their deeds… and this requires relying on certain behavior.

      I recommend looking into adding exceptions for this plugin’s JavaScript files for those troublesome performance measures. Every plugin/service does things their own way, so I can’t be specific. It is important you specify the exceptions for the block list countermeasure plugin’s JavaScript files, if you use that, as well.

      In the plugin directories (both the primary ad-blocking-detector directory and the randomly named block list countermeasure directory), these files are important:


      The first one is the most susceptible to problems.


      I do plan on writing a post detailing this problem as best I can. Unfortunately, I am currently swamped, that post is extraordinarily complex to write effectively, and it is somewhat low on my to-do list.

      I hope this has helped somewhat though.


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